Responsive - Reliable - Proactive

Sometimes there just isn’t enough time in the day.
Our experienced PAs are here to give you the professional support you need in your business and personal life, freeing up valuable time for you to focus on the things that really matter.

Contact - Connect - Relax

We recognise that one size does not fit all.
Choose from one of our flexible plans to achieve the right balance for you.

£35 per hour Hourly or in bulk*

Perfect for those times when you feel overwhelmed or simply need a helping hand.

12 hours £348 per month £29 per hour

Perfect for keeping life on an even keel.

20 hours £540 per month £27 per hour

Perfect for entrepreneurs and those who like to keep life in order.

40 hours £1,000 per month £25 per hour

Perfect for busy entrepreneurs, households and startups.

Premium Plus
60 hours £1,380 per month £23 per hour

Perfect for growing households and growing businesses.

80 hours £1,680 per month £21 per hour

Perfect for those who need regular and consistent support.

100 hours £1,900 per month £19 per hour

Perfect for small businesses or individuals looking for maximum professional support.

*Adhoc plans are charged in 15 minute intervals (minimum 1 hour). Bulk packages are available for 5 hours (£30ph), 10 hours (£29ph), 15 hours (£28ph) and 20 hours (£27ph). Hours bought in bulk plans must be used by 3 months from purchase. For monthly plans, any additional hours will be charged at your plan hourly rate. All plans are exclusive of VAT and are paid monthly by direct debit.

Signing up is easy, select the plan that you need, fill in your details and we will get in touch to arrange your free initial consultation and start your programme.

Flexible - Experienced - Cost effective

We select our PAs for their depth of experience and professionalism.
As they work on a flexible and remote basis, there is no need to worry about any frustrating recruitment challenges or employment obligations.
Your chosen PA will be there for you however much or little you need.

Achieve your goals

We are passionate about delivering above expectations. Your PA will work closely with you to make sure that you receive exactly the correct level of support.

Inspiration - Execution

Our PAs can support you whatever you require.
Here are some examples of how we assist our clients:

PROJECT MANAGEMENT Market research, travel itineraries, quote collection, event management.
Marketing support Presentation material, topic research, blog posts, proof-reading, mail outs.
Administrative tasks Filing, database & CRM management, thank you cards, gift lists.
Arranging time for you Arranging home pampering, personal appointments & errands.
Bookkeeping support Collating & filing expenses, invoices.
Diary & inbox management Email follow-up, appointment scheduling
household & Personal affairs Anything from arranging MOTs to interviewing staff.
PROPERTY MAINTENANCE & MANAGEMENT Whether it’s your home, holiday home or rental we can help you out.

Our ethos:

Peace of mind

We believe passionately that everyone needs a helping hand in life. From busy individuals, to hectic households, to entrepreneurs, to established businesses, life is better when you feel supported.

Our Pas are highly experienced professionals searching for a more flexible work-balance. It brings us much pleasure and pride to support their goals, providing a high-quality flexible solution through remote working.